Product Instructions 

How to use Lice Repellent Products

A. Shampoo & Conditioner

For daily prevention: Apply to damp hair, massage though scalp and rinse clean.  

For treatment:  Leave in  for 5-10 minutes and comb out with a lice comb while bathing.

B. Repel Spray & Repel Gel

For best results put hair into a braided pony tail or bun and apply spray or gel to outside of hair.  For short hair apply liberally to outside of hair.  Use daily before school or other group activities.

​C. Nit Removal Cream (Lice Treatment)

Head lice can often be difficult and stubborn to remove.  Traditional pesticide-based lice killing shampoos are often ineffective because lice are becoming resistant to them.  Lice eggs are especially difficult to kill because they are protected by a shell.  The key to successfully removing lice is to manually comb out the bugs and eggs.  This process is time consuming, but absolutely necessary.  Leaving just a few lice eggs can turn into a full infestation within weeks.  Removing lice should be thought of more as of a "process" than a "treatment".  Removing lice takes several hair combings over a span of days.  Please view our lice combing instruction video below.  

Step 1: Comb hair and scalp with Nit Removal Cream.  Continue combing until no bugs or eggs are seen. 

Step 2.  Apply large amount of Nit Removal Cream and leave in hair for 2 hours.  Rinse out.

Step 3.  Repeat every 2-3 days until infestation is gone.  (up to 2 weeks with severe infestations) 

Step 4 (recommended).  Wash hair with lice prevention products in between treatment days.

By Nit Control Lice Company