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Treat head lice the most effective way by manually combing out the eggs, nymphs, and bugs with Nit Removal Cream & metal lice comb.  

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Head Lice Q&A

What are head lice?
Head lice (Pediculus Humanus Capitis) are parasitic insects that live on the hair and scalp human heads and feed on human blood.

What do lice look like?
An adult louse is 2-3 mm in length and appears brown in color. They are wingless insects with six legs and a large abdomen. Lice eggs, also called "nits", are about 1 mm in length and also appear brown in color. Eggs that have hatched are white or clear and are called "nit castings". When the bug hatches from the egg, the egg is still glued to the hair shaft. 

How do you get rid of head lice?
To get rid of head lice you must remove all stages of the lice infestation which include the nits, nyphys, and adult bugs. You must also clean your surroundings and confirm that all those in close contact are not infested. The most effective way to remove lice is with a natural nit repellent cream and a high quality lice comb and mechanically removing the infestation.  Many physicians agree that lice are becoming resistant to the pesticides in most of the over the counter treatments.  See our lice removal kit

How do you keep head lice away?
Preschool and elementary school students have the highest rate of head lice transmission, although parents and siblings often pass it to each other because of their close physical contact. We recommend wearing your hair in a way that it will not touch other people and using our all natural lice prevention products to shield the lice from the hair. 

More Q & A ​

How do you get head lice?
Head lice do not jump or fly. They are transmitted though direct contact. Preschool and elementary school students have the highest rate of lice transmission, although anyone with hair can get head lice. It is unusual to find head lice in hair that is less than 1" long. Lice can also be spread in public places such as clothing stores and movie theatres.  

Who gets head lice?
Preschool and elementary school students have the highest rate of lice transmission although anyone with hair can get head lice. Getting lice is not a matter of hygiene but more a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Where does lice come from?
Head lice are parasites which mean they live in or an another host or organism. Humans are the only possible hosts of lice. They have been passed from person to person for thousands of years. Scientist have even found fossils of lice eggs in the hair of pharaoh's in Egyptian tombs.  

Does lice mean bad hygiene?
No. Head lice actually prefer clean hair. Lice live in the hair and feed on blood from the scalp. Oil and dirt only make it more difficult for them to eat and breed. Head lice is very common among affluent communities who travel abroad or are frequently going to public places and events. 

By Nit Control Lice Company